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Equitatio client horses | News |


1/12/2017 | Categories:

I can't believe it's 2017 already, so much has changed since my last update. My stock list has grown and will be updated shortly.

After spending a few weeks riding Hamish I had to admit that as lovely as he was, he wasn't the horse for me, he was too good. I would likely get bored and he was older than I really wanted and so after talking to his owner, Hamish went to a new owner.

I wasn't without a riding horse for long though. I found Prince a 15hh 7 year old appaloosa x (...)

5 months, where has the time gone?

11/4/2016 | Categories:

I can't believe its been 5 months since I last updated, so much has been happening.

The fun show at Strenaby was great fun, the weather even stayed decent for the day, lots of rosettes and smiles all round. Josh has been to the beach again and was much braver.


Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances with Josh's owner he has now been returned to his daughter. I had a fab 8 months with him, but it just wasn't meant to be.


Louise has (...)

Summer has finally arrived

6/3/2016 | Categories:

Finally getting some decent weather. Everything seems so much easier when its warm and dry.

Bundle is slowly recovering from a lameness issue and is now progressing to short canters on flat surfaces, which he is really enjoying.

Lulu is doing very well, she's been out twice to dressage competitions and has worked nicely, even being placed first and third. Shes really enjoying her jumping too.


I think she cleared it





Slow couple of months

3/6/2016 | Categories:

It's been a while again, I really do have to get back on top of the updates. There's not much to report as bad weather has meant that there hasn't been much riding over the past 2 months.


The 3 mini munchies are all healthy and as happy as can be expected with the weather (...)

2016 Already

1/4/2016 | Categories:

It's been a long time since I’ve updated, unfortunately breaking my coccyx made sitting at the computer rather difficult. I also wasn't doing much with the horses either. Things are definitely back on track though. I've been back riding for about 3 weeks.
I've mostly just been riding bundle whilst waiting for my coccyx to fully heal. He is continuing to enjoy his hacks out, unfortunately the fields are now too wet for us to be able to do much else. (...)

1st October- 11th October Client Horses

10/12/2015 | Categories:

Lulu is continuing to go well for Tara, hopefully she'll soon be out competing and maybe even find a new home. Bundle has been enjoying some nice hacks and a couple of rides up the fields. Mini munchies have been keeping me busy repairing fences but are all working well. Amber's lunge work is definitely improving.

Emma is continuing to improve her muscle tone and balance and is working very well with the pessoa, I've started to pick her up a bit now rather than letting her cruise (...)

16th August- 30th September

10/1/2015 | Categories:

Had a very busy month, Lulu has been advertised for sale and is continuing to progress well. Bundle is continuing to gain fitness and is enjoying his rides up the fields. The mini munchies have been doing very well; Amber really enjoys working over poles and jumps so I’m currently using those when lunging her. I’ve also been doing some confidence building exercises with her and the other (...)

1st-16th August 2015 client horses

8/16/2015 | Categories:

The big news this time is that Dinah the missing dog was found alive after 17 days and is recovering well.

Lulu is doing very well, jumping 1 stride doubles both on the lunge and ridden. I'm hoping to load a few more videos to my youtube page over the next week or so. She's also hacking out well on her own, leaving the yard with no hesitation. I also finally bit the bullet on Thursday 13th and took her for a canter around the field. She behaved brilliantly. So proud of how well she's (...)

20th-31st July busy couple of weeks

8/4/2015 | Categories:

Had a busy couple of weeks, spent a lot of time riding Bundle and searching for a clients dog who unfortunately ran off on July 21st and has yet to be found. Lulu is working well on the lunge and has had her first session with the pessoa which went very well. I expected her to have a couple of kicks at it but she accepted it very quickly and was soon trotting round happily.

Lulu with pessoa for the first time

The three mini munchies have been working (...)

Weeks beginning 6th and 13th July 2015

7/20/2015 | Categories:

It's been a busy couple of weeks with lots of holiday cover which included seeing a couple of horses who I haven't seen for a year.

week beginning 6th July

This week lulu was slightly lame as she bruised her sole, so I just did some gentle in-hand work with her and took Bundle up the fields to try and improve his fitness.

no work done with Emma this week as the first week she was training for a TREC competition on Sunday 12th July.

Spent some time with Dougal (...)