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Maisie | News |

Uncertain times

10/1/2015 | Categories:

Had a full on couple of weeks with Maisie. mixing long reining and lunging with bareback riding as she's still not happy about the saddle. some days she was full of it, sparky and happy to work, other days there was no spark, no interest and was generally hard work. even jumping wasn't bringing her round the way it used to. Something wasn't right but I couldn't place what it was. some days she led fine others she dragged her feet and hung back, others she bounced all over the place like a yo (...)

21st July-16th August

8/16/2015 | Categories:

Had a brilliant couple of weeks with Maisie. After taking things easy with her for another week, just playing gently in the arena, lunging over jumps and free-schooling, I decided to try sitting on her bareback again. So with a helper on hand (just in case) we headed down to the arena, played for a few minutes before I led her over to the mounting block. First I just laid over her back and gave her a treat before sliding back down, next I laid across her and swung my leg over so that I was (...)

Maisie, what we've done since the 29th June

7/20/2015 | Categories:

Its been a roller coaster three weeks, between lunging her to help build muscle and hacking to see how her and Emma would get on to entering our first TREC competition.

The first week of lunging and hacking went well, Maisie and Emma were very well behaved out hacking and Maisie worked really well over the raised trotting poles, this week was certainly the lull before the storm.

With the TREC scheduled for July 12th we spent the week beginning July 6th preparing hard for the (...)

Maisie, How it all began...

6/14/2015 | Categories:

I wasn't looking to take on a horse, I had Caleb, my 4 year old who I'd had for over a year, I'd backed him, started jumping him and loved him for being so safe, a nice easy ride.

But then I ended up in hospital with a stress related illness, once out I was signed off work for 2 weeks, this meant no horses and no seeing Caleb as he was stabled on the yard I worked on. So I went to a different yard to see a friend and her horse. Whilst working with her horse I overheard a conversation (...)