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1st-16th August 2015 client horses | News |

1st-16th August 2015 client horses

8/16/2015 | Categories:

The big news this time is that Dinah the missing dog was found alive after 17 days and is recovering well.

Lulu is doing very well, jumping 1 stride doubles both on the lunge and ridden. I'm hoping to load a few more videos to my youtube page over the next week or so. She's also hacking out well on her own, leaving the yard with no hesitation. I also finally bit the bullet on Thursday 13th and took her for a canter around the field. She behaved brilliantly. So proud of how well she's doing at the minute. Bundle seems to be enjoying his rides up the fields again, though he's had a bit of a cough so we haven't been able to do too much.

The mini munchies are still being lunged, which they are doing well. I've also set up an obstacle course for them with bending poles, a small jump, and an "S" bend to be led through. They all seem very happy and chilled doing this :-)


Lunging Bob's Bear

Emma is also doing well, her owners have been away so as well as lunging with the Pessoa and over poles and jumps, we've also been hacking which she seems to be enjoying. She's behaving better every time we go out. It's nice to be able to give her a bit of variety.

Other client horses have all been behaving well.