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2016 Already | News |

2016 Already

1/4/2016 | Categories:

It's been a long time since I’ve updated, unfortunately breaking my coccyx made sitting at the computer rather difficult. I also wasn't doing much with the horses either. Things are definitely back on track though. I've been back riding for about 3 weeks.
I've mostly just been riding bundle whilst waiting for my coccyx to fully heal. He is continuing to enjoy his hacks out, unfortunately the fields are now too wet for us to be able to do much else.
Lulu has been continuing to go very well for Tara. Her jumping has come on lots and her flat work is constantly improving, She has also now been clipped. She is however still for sale.
I've seen rather a lot of these two over Christmas and new year as an injury to Wendy's shoulder means she currently struggles to change rugs and put head collars on so I've been going up twice a day 7 days a week for about 6 weeks.


Lulu jumping


Emma has been doing very well, and is slowly learning not to rush her jumps. She continues to behave very well to bring in, even in strong winds which used to be a problem for her. She has also now been clipped twice and behaved well both times.

Things with the 3 mini's have slowed down rather a lot as the field is now too wet to work them so instead they get groomed when dry enough. The field is kept clear though and they still get plenty of cuddles.

I've got holiday cover this week with Rocky and Lady who I really enjoy looking after. I used to work with Rocky when he was owned by Grenaby Estates so it's always nice to see him again.

I've also taken on another horse, on a loan/share basis. He's a 22 year old hackney cross who has been very well schooled in the past but hasn't done a lot in the past few years. He enjoys doing a bit of work and his owner was struggling to find the time. I'm really enjoying riding him, though he is very different to what I’m used to.