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Not quite to plan | News |

Not quite to plan

12/7/2015 | Categories:

After a good first week (albeit with me falling off once) things unfortunately went down hill with Rosie. She continued to be good to catch and to handle, I did a bit of jumping in the arena, took her for a couple of hacks and rode her round the farm, but a week after first coming off her I hit the deck again. I'd ridden round the farm and had a canter, then headed into the arena to have a trot round before doing a bit of loose schooling. As I took my feet out of the stirrups to dismount she whipped round and cantered off round the arena. I thought I had her back under control, turned her across the arena but at the last minute she went right, landing me at the bottom of the arena fence. Despite spending over half an hour trying to relax her enough for me to get back on, she remained tense and wary so I loose schooled her as planned and then put her back in the field.

The following Tuesday I decided to ride her again in the arena, She stood well whilst I mounted and walked calmly around the arena on both reins. I trotted her round on the left rein without an issue (right rein was always her favourite) but when I changed the rein she tensed, After a short discussion I brought her back to walk. For two strides before she took off, heading on a left handed circle until the last minute when once again she went right, I hit the middle rail of the fence and then dropped onto the planks at the bottom. Ow.

Luckily I had a friend watching who caught rosie and untacked her for me whilst I hobbled upto the yard. Once rosie was out, I headed home. Still sore the next day I went to see my GP who sent me for x-rays. The result was a cracked bone in my coccyx. Unable to ride for 6 weeks and having come off 3 times in 9 days, Rosie was sent back.