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Slow couple of months | News |

Slow couple of months

3/6/2016 | Categories:

It's been a while again, I really do have to get back on top of the updates. There's not much to report as bad weather has meant that there hasn't been much riding over the past 2 months.


The 3 mini munchies are all healthy and as happy as can be expected with the weather as bad as it has been, at least they're all keeping dry and clean in their new rugs.


Emma is continuing to work well on the lunge though she is often quite opinionated when being ridden by her owner.


Bundle and Lulu are both having occasional work just to keep them ticking over but exercise has been limited due to the amount of wind and rain. Lulu did have a hack out on her own about 3 weeks ago and behaved well.



Since then I had 2 days in hospital and 1 week off from work and a further week with no riding due to coming off a horse on February 15th and getting concussion. Looking at my hat afterwards I was very lucky.


I’ve still been riding Josh and yesterday we went to our first dressage competition. He behaved exceptionally well. We got 65% in the intro est and 67% in our prelim. The judges comments were all positive and fair.