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Uncertain times | News |

Uncertain times

10/1/2015 | Categories:

Had a full on couple of weeks with Maisie. mixing long reining and lunging with bareback riding as she's still not happy about the saddle. some days she was full of it, sparky and happy to work, other days there was no spark, no interest and was generally hard work. even jumping wasn't bringing her round the way it used to. Something wasn't right but I couldn't place what it was. some days she led fine others she dragged her feet and hung back, others she bounced all over the place like a yo-yo with no conceivable reason. I offered her aromatherapy oils, from which she picked rose, lavender, sweet orange and fennel. Together these oils help with stress, anxiety, skin problems and nervous tension. though she enjoyed the massages she didn't show any signs of improvement.

Last week 22nd September I had to admit that my approach was no longer working and rang the vet. He came out and agreed that she was in a constant low level of pain through her back and pelvis, we could spend thousands trying to diagnose and fix with no guarantees, we could put her out to grass as a companion or we could call it a day. Basically he was asking me to make the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Her physical issues had become psychological though so there wasn't really an option, she was becoming unpredictable and dangerous to handle, I couldn't take the risk. I couldn't keep pushing her to cope. Not when she might have another 20yrs of this. I had always promised to listen to her and do what was best for her no matter how hard. So on Monday 28th September I held her for the vet whilst she was put to rest. I said goodbye to the horse who had kept me going through so much, who taught me so much more than any other.