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21st July-16th August

8/16/2015 | Categories:

Had a brilliant couple of weeks with Maisie. After taking things easy with her for another week, just playing gently in the arena, lunging over jumps and free-schooling, I decided to try sitting on her bareback again. So with a helper on hand (just in case) we headed down to the arena, played for a few minutes before I led her over to the mounting block. First I just laid over her back and gave her a treat before sliding back down, next I laid across her and swung my leg over so that I was (...)

1st-16th August 2015 client horses

8/16/2015 | Categories:

The big news this time is that Dinah the missing dog was found alive after 17 days and is recovering well.

Lulu is doing very well, jumping 1 stride doubles both on the lunge and ridden. I'm hoping to load a few more videos to my youtube page over the next week or so. She's also hacking out well on her own, leaving the yard with no hesitation. I also finally bit the bullet on Thursday 13th and took her for a canter around the field. She behaved brilliantly. So proud of how well she's (...)

20th-31st July busy couple of weeks

8/4/2015 | Categories:

Had a busy couple of weeks, spent a lot of time riding Bundle and searching for a clients dog who unfortunately ran off on July 21st and has yet to be found. Lulu is working well on the lunge and has had her first session with the pessoa which went very well. I expected her to have a couple of kicks at it but she accepted it very quickly and was soon trotting round happily.

Lulu with pessoa for the first time

The three mini munchies have been working (...)