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Rosie's first week

10/12/2015 | Categories:

Equitatio has a new arrival. Having said goodbye to Maisie, I was left with a choice; do I look for another horse or do I concentrate solely on client horses. This question was answered when I was asked to hack out a cob mare so that the owner could video her to send to a prospective buyer. Despite having only met the horse once before for 5 minutes, I instantly felt safe on her. I could relax on her, she wasn't a ploddy cob but neither did she feel on edge or tense. I'd forgotten how much (...)

1st October- 11th October Client Horses

10/12/2015 | Categories:

Lulu is continuing to go well for Tara, hopefully she'll soon be out competing and maybe even find a new home. Bundle has been enjoying some nice hacks and a couple of rides up the fields. Mini munchies have been keeping me busy repairing fences but are all working well. Amber's lunge work is definitely improving.

Emma is continuing to improve her muscle tone and balance and is working very well with the pessoa, I've started to pick her up a bit now rather than letting her cruise (...)

Uncertain times

10/1/2015 | Categories:

Had a full on couple of weeks with Maisie. mixing long reining and lunging with bareback riding as she's still not happy about the saddle. some days she was full of it, sparky and happy to work, other days there was no spark, no interest and was generally hard work. even jumping wasn't bringing her round the way it used to. Something wasn't right but I couldn't place what it was. some days she led fine others she dragged her feet and hung back, others she bounced all over the place like a yo (...)

16th August- 30th September

10/1/2015 | Categories:

Had a very busy month, Lulu has been advertised for sale and is continuing to progress well. Bundle is continuing to gain fitness and is enjoying his rides up the fields. The mini munchies have been doing very well; Amber really enjoys working over poles and jumps so I’m currently using those when lunging her. I’ve also been doing some confidence building exercises with her and the other (...)