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Aromatherapy for horses |

Aromatherapy for horses

Although not an alternative to proper veterinary care essential oils are effective at treating many of today’s common equine health problems.

Essential oils can be used to treat a range of chronic skin problems, allergies, arthritis, Cushing’s Syndrome, stress related conditions and behavioral problems. How Horses React to Essential Oils When horses smell essential oils, their chemical constituents are absorbed via the olfactory system, into the limbic system of the brain, where emotions, memory and certain regulatory functions of their bodies are situated. When inhaled, essential oils trigger neurotransmitters that can reduce pain, cause sedation, stimulation, or calmness, and help balance the body. They can help the horse to feel better and eliminate stiffness, soreness, and stress from their bodies.

In general all essential oils have the ability to strengthen the immune system, and are detoxifying. Essential oils can be used as preventative treatment - regular massage before and after work will encourage optimum performance, prevent injuries and increase bonding between you and your horse.