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Bach flower remedies for horses |

Bach flower remedies for horses

Flower essences are not directly used for physical complaints, but for the patient's apprehension, hopelessness, irritability, stress etc.

These states of mind or moods not only hinder recovery of health but are generally accepted as primary causes, emotional imbalances are the basis of many physical health problems. For example, after something stressful, such as illness, injury, accidents or falls, competition, abuse, or bad handling, your horse may develop congestion, lowered energy, and immunity from the chemical imbalances caused by the emotional stress. Long-term fear or worry will deplete vitality and lower immunity and resistance. So flower essences help maintain animal fitness and health and healing on all levels by keeping it emotionally balanced, calm and content. You can often see the results from these remedies within two days.

Flower essences have been a part of healing from ancient times. During the 1930s Dr Edward Bach, an English doctor desired to find a better way to help his patients. The Bach System consists of essences made from 38 different flowers. Each remedy has a specific action upon a certain mental attitude daily. The 38 remedies can be split into 7 groups.