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Offering essential oils to a horse | Aromatherapy for horses |

Offering essential oils to a horse

Horses seem to know what will and won't help them. In the wild horses will often eat plants and grasses which will help them in some way, be it basket willow as a pain killer of thistles to give some missing nutrients they will seek out the most beneficial plants. In captivity this choice is often taken away from them.

When selecting essential oils to use with your horse it is best to use the ones which the horse prefers. Think about what you are hoping to achieve by using oils, be it repelling flies, calming or aiding respiration. pick 4 or 5 oils at most which fit. one at a time uncap the bottle and holding it firmly in case your horse should try to grab the bottle, offer it just under your horses nose. If the horse is interested, he will often inhale deeply 2 or 3 times, possibly with each nostril, he may try to mouth the bottle, (don't allow him to as some neat oils may irritate his skin) and he may curl his top lip as though laughing. If he doesn't like/want the oil he will normally only sniff once or twice before turning away. If the horse is uninterested don't force the oil upon him or use it at this time. always let the horse sniff the oils before every use. the oils he wanted yesterday may not be the ones he wants today.

Once you have upto 4 oils dilute them as suggested and either massage your horse with the blend (again the horse will likely position himself so that you massage the most beneficial areas) or soak a rag to hang in the stable (out of reach).